Tuesday, March 7, 2017

 Loved making this custom "Our Family" wall art with Paper Quilling for a wonderful customer. We had been thinking of offering our popular Owl ornaments framed in a wall art for quite some time and this custom order gave us an opportunity to bring one of our ideas to reality. Our favorite part of this art is the cute little birdhouse. It just ties the sentiment with the art. The heart in the birdhouse represents the love between family members that makes a house a HOME.

We also tried a  new browser based tool to give customers an idea of how the Wall Art will look in different settings. The tool is WallApp and is really easy to use. We wish it could let us scale the art to exact dimensions and hope that feature will be added soon. Nevertheless it is a great tool.

Here is another photo we created using the same tool:

It is a great tool to imagine how the wall art will look in multiple themed decor.

As you can see we spent some time playing around with the tool.
Let us know if you use any other similar tool and what you think about this one. Have a great rest of the week you all !