Saturday, March 8, 2014

The 14 Canvas Project by Seattle Handmade

I  am so excited to represent Navanka Creations  in Seattle Handmade's Creative Challenge, the 14 Canvas Project! They have distributed 14 identical canvases to 14 different local artists with only one requirement. The canvas must be used in it's entirety in the final piece; whether it's whole, manipulated, or even deconstructed.

Here are the participating artists (including yours truly);
· Amrita Singh –
·Darien Waggoner –
·Heidi Kappes-Belinsky –
·Jenni Kane – local knitter
·Jenny Chang –
·KB VanHorn –
·Kelly Affleck –
·Kimberly Smith –
·Lois Gaylord –
·Mallory Milke –
·Samantha Yang –
·Shelley McElhiney –
·Marina Lesnikova –
·Mary Clymer –

All pieces will hang at Luther's Table in Renton for the month of May. Mark your calendars for the art opening on Saturday, May 10th at 7:00 pm and check out the final pieces!

Come out and enjoy the works of these talented artists, enjoy some live music, and have a bite to eat - all in one place. See you there and I am off to think what I should do with My Canvas!