Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tiny Tales and Short Stories

A lot has happened in last year in my life. We moved to a new home, new school for my son, new neighbors and new friends. The most pleasant change has been the arrival of our baby boy, a little brother for my elder son.

When Seattle Handmade  announced the Tiny Tales and Short Stories challenge I knew what I will be making. This is the first time I tried three dimensional quilling and I learned a lot during the process. 

Participating local artists from all over the Puget Sound were challenged to create a TINY work of art; no larger than 6” with an accompanying story so SMALL, it can be told in less than 200 words. 

The art work of 17 artists was revealed in an open-to-the-public artist’s reception at the fabulous Stunningly Strange Gallery during the Edmond's Art Walk, Thursday August 21, 2014.

All artwork will continue to be available for purchase through September 17th at the gallery. 

I will be posting the pictures of the show and stunning work of fellow artists soon.

Here is a picture of  my art work and the story.  

“My Little Brother”

When I turned four last year, Mommy told me I was going to be a big brother soon. I made big plans of playing baseball and soccer with you. I was ready to teach you everything I knew and be the best big brother. 

The day you were born, I was very excited to bring you home from the hospital. You were so tiny and beautiful but when you came home, it was too hard to share Mommy and Daddy with you.  You could not play baseball or soccer with me and you kept sleeping most of the time.  I wished you would go back to Mommy’s tummy but that did not happen either.

You are a little older now. I love it when you hold my finger and smile at me. I love it when I sing for you and you stop crying.  I enjoy playing baby games with you and am so happy when you come to pick me up at school.

 Most of all I am proud being your big brother.

Welcome to this world my little brother! Welcome to our family!

Friday, April 18, 2014

14 Canvas Art Project - Sneak Peek

 Here is a sneak peak of our project for Seattle Handmade's challenge.

I have been trying to finish the project as soon as I can. I am so excited to meet my baby boy. This project has become very special for me. It will always remind me of the time I was eagerly waiting for his arrival. The project is almost ready and I will be submitting it before the deadline. Very proud of myself :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

14 Canvas Art Project - The Progress

Here I am in my third trimester and I decide to participate in Seattle Handmade's  14 Canvas Challenge :). I was not sure earlier if it was a good decision but with my parents visiting from India (yay!) and my need for distraction from the usual discomfort of third trimester , I think  I should be able to finish my project.  My due date is just two weeks before the Artist's reception. I hope get to attend the event in person. Keeping my fingers crossed !

I picked up the 12" x 12" canvas from the organizers, started working on it to make the base of my project and am learning a lot in the process.

I had never glued card stock on canvas and had to figure out a way so the base paper does not wilt. I also wanted the binding medium to be acid-free. After doing a lot of research on internet I learned that I could use Acrylic Gel Medium to bind paper on canvas.  Here is a tutorial that I found useful.

I used Liquitex Brand gel medium and it worked out great.  First I painted the edges of canvas with gold acrylic paint. Then I covered entire canvas with a thin layer of Liquitex gel medium and then laid the scrapbook paper on canvas.  Then I used  a  roller brayer to even out any kinks / air bubbles.

Then I applied the gel medium on paper again to get the brush stroke effect.

Since the show opens in May,  I can not post pictures of the actual artwork but will keep posting the sneak peeks!

Keep creating :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The 14 Canvas Project by Seattle Handmade

I  am so excited to represent Navanka Creations  in Seattle Handmade's Creative Challenge, the 14 Canvas Project! They have distributed 14 identical canvases to 14 different local artists with only one requirement. The canvas must be used in it's entirety in the final piece; whether it's whole, manipulated, or even deconstructed.

Here are the participating artists (including yours truly);
· Amrita Singh – http://navankacreations.etsy.com/
·Darien Waggoner – http://dariendesign.com/
·Heidi Kappes-Belinsky – http://maxandcopost.com/
·Jenni Kane – local knitter
·Jenny Chang – http://thepaintedmenagerie.etsy.com/
·KB VanHorn – http://kokoleo.com/
·Kelly Affleck – http://tomato-tomato.com/
·Kimberly Smith – http://stirboutique.com/
·Lois Gaylord – http://loisgaylord.com/
·Mallory Milke – http://mayhemhere.etsy.com/
·Samantha Yang – http://cargocollective.com/samanthayang
·Shelley McElhiney – http://samsstuff-samsstuff.blogspot.com/
·Marina Lesnikova – http://marinarly.etsy.com/
·Mary Clymer – http://facebook.com/happydelusions

All pieces will hang at Luther's Table in Renton for the month of May. Mark your calendars for the art opening on Saturday, May 10th at 7:00 pm and check out the final pieces!

Come out and enjoy the works of these talented artists, enjoy some live music, and have a bite to eat - all in one place. See you there and I am off to think what I should do with My Canvas!