Monday, April 7, 2014

14 Canvas Art Project - The Progress

Here I am in my third trimester and I decide to participate in Seattle Handmade's  14 Canvas Challenge :). I was not sure earlier if it was a good decision but with my parents visiting from India (yay!) and my need for distraction from the usual discomfort of third trimester , I think  I should be able to finish my project.  My due date is just two weeks before the Artist's reception. I hope get to attend the event in person. Keeping my fingers crossed !

I picked up the 12" x 12" canvas from the organizers, started working on it to make the base of my project and am learning a lot in the process.

I had never glued card stock on canvas and had to figure out a way so the base paper does not wilt. I also wanted the binding medium to be acid-free. After doing a lot of research on internet I learned that I could use Acrylic Gel Medium to bind paper on canvas.  Here is a tutorial that I found useful.

I used Liquitex Brand gel medium and it worked out great.  First I painted the edges of canvas with gold acrylic paint. Then I covered entire canvas with a thin layer of Liquitex gel medium and then laid the scrapbook paper on canvas.  Then I used  a  roller brayer to even out any kinks / air bubbles.

Then I applied the gel medium on paper again to get the brush stroke effect.

Since the show opens in May,  I can not post pictures of the actual artwork but will keep posting the sneak peeks!

Keep creating :)

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